Why We Are Upgrading Customer Support

On December 1st, 2019 we will be discontinuing the use of MCS@MySalesButler.com as our primary point of contact with you, switching to Support@MySalesButler.com. 

The following outlines the upgrades we are making to how we will communicate, enhance transparency, and provide better service. 

A knowledgebase is being constructed and maintained to allow you to get answers fast without waiting for a response.

Going forward our customer support system is transitioning from email to a web-based support interface that will provide you with the opportunity to track progress on support tickets you set up in the new system. 

You can, of course, continue to email us as before, using the new, Support@MySalesButler.com email address, but requests related to technical issues—change requests and problems with services will be assigned to a ticket and tracked there.

The main value of the new system is to allow us to gather all the data we need in one simple form vs. emails going back and forth unnecessarily, thus saving you time in the long run. Our goal is thorough, fast responses that help you make changes and decisions with more insight and speed.

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